Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review Day: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Cuts Canned Cat Food

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Hi Everyone!

I am just now able to comment and blog more. Sorry! I've been crazy busy with my other new website (don't worry, Life with Ragdolls is still shinning. ;-)

Today I have a review for the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Cuts Cat Food , I reviewed the duck variety and this food is available in 3 varieties: duck, chicken, and salmon. I have reviewed the chicken before ( I can't find the post or link but I believe I reviewed it back in December 2015 or 2014. Some where around that time frame. Haha).
The duck flavor is available currently for $28.39 for a 24 pack that is 3 ounces per pouch. This food is a food topper\mixer\supplement and is not made to be a complete cat food. I am a food nerd in general (human food, cat food, rabbit food, and even the food for my betta fishes is super special) ;-)
Lately, I have been researching the importance of cats on a wet food only diet and I've shown great interest in switching my 5 cats to a all canned food menu. Unfortunately though, they still have a lot of kibble to go through before I can make the full switch to just canned food. There are some brands of cat kibble that I really like so maybe I will do kibble monthly?


* Fast shipping.

* Great customer service.

* All 5 of the cats loved it.

*  Grain free.

* 3 flavors to choose from.

* Blue Buffalo is one of my favorite brands and they also market dog food (canned and kibble), cat food (canned and kibble), and cat litter. So many choices!


* At almost $30 for a food that is not a complete cat food diet, this makes it very expensive to feed daily and each pouch is only 3 ounces.

* Although this time I only reviewed the duck flavor, I have reviewed the chicken flavor in the past and only Angel ate it.

* It stinks.

Over all, the cats and I rate this a 4.5 star product. Due to the smell of it and the cost, I won't be buying this often. My heart says yes but my wallet says no. ;-)

Life with Ragdolls~

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